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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2012 GFA International Youth Competition (in performance order):

Junior Division

Ashwin Krishna (US)

Woo Tak Kim (South Korea)

Kevin Loh (Singapore)

James Graham (Canada)

Senior Division

Shon Stelman (Israel/US)

Huaicong Mu (China)

Tobias James (US)

Noam Kanter (Netherlands)

The IYC finals will be held Sunday, July 1, 2012 at 10am in Simons Recital Hall.


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Every GFA Convention is a great time to reunite with old and new friends. From left to right: Chad Ibison, Ricky Escobar, Tracy Anne Smith, and Scott Borg.

Sometimes socializing can be a little more structured too. Gaelle Solal leads youth in some icebreakers at the GFA Youth Social.

The Chen-Piao Guitar Quartet hails from Beijing and impresses the 4pm crowd with a diverse program.

Julian Gray rehearses the Guitar Orchestra in preparation for their Sunday morning concert.

Friday evening’s concert is none other than the amazing Assad Brothers. Sergio and Odair give an impeccable performance of Brazilian music to a packed audience in Sottile Theater. They are given a standing ovation and play the world’s fastest version of Vals Venezolano No. 4 (Natalia) by Antonio Lauro as an encore.

And the news that everyone has been waiting for is announced during intermission – our 2012 ICAC finalists!

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After hearing many hours of incredible playing from the ICAC Semifinalists, judges Giampaolo Bandini, Cesare Chiacchiaretta, Roland Dyens, Marko Feri, Dale Kavanagh, Eleftheria Kotzia, and Juan Carlos Laguna have selected the finalists for this year’s competition.

From left to right: Celil Kaya (Turkey), Silviu Ciulei (Romania/USA), Rovshan Mamedkuliev (Russia), Ivan Sanchez Flores (Mexico)

The ICAC finals will be on Sunday, July 1, 2012 in Sottile Theater at 6:30.

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Day 3 of our jam-packed convention begins with a technique class with Marko Feri. Guitarists pack the stage of Sottile Theater and hang on his every word.

Then, some stretching with guitarist/yoga instructor Helene Rottenberg. What a great way to start the day! Guitarists learn stretches and poses that can help alleviate tension from practicing.

Concurrently, Matthew Ablan and Thomas Amoriello present a lecture on Private Studio Teaching for the Classical Guitarist, giving our members practical suggestions for building their careers as teachers.

Andrew McKenna Lee plays the 11am concert with a program of many of his own compositions

followed by the Arc Duo – Heather Holden, flute, and Bradley Colten, guitar. They perform pieces by Adashi and Dyens, which were especially commissioned for them.

Our International Youth Competitors have been arriving and are ready for their competition to start on Saturday.

Several ensemble groups fill out the 3:30 slot in Sottile Theater, including the Eastman Community Music School ensemble.

Vladimir Gorbach, last year’s ICAC winner, delights the audience with a performance of music by Scarlatti, Asencio, Piazzolla, and Llobet. Vladimir will begin his GFA tour during the 2012-2013 season.

Our evening concert featured Dale Kavanagh, who impressed the audience with her impeccable technique and fresh interpretation. She played many of her own original compositions along with some Brouwer, Rodrigo, and Villa-Lobos.

For an encore, she played a beautiful performance of the second movement of Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, which was received enthusiastically by the audience.

Our 2012 International Concert Artist Competition Semifinalists were announced tonight. These twelve competitors were selected by the judges and will perform in Simons Recital Hall tomorrow, Friday, June 30, 2012 between 10-12:30 and 1:30-3:30.

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Congratulations to the 2012 International Concert Artist Semifinalists (in performance order):

Artyom Dervoed
Giacomo LaVita
Donovan Butez
Silviu Ciulei
Ivan Sanchez Flores
Celil Kaya
Rovshan Mamed Kulieu
Scott Borg
Yannick Lopes
Misael Barraza
Chad Ibison
Alexander Milovanov

Good luck to all!

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The first full day of the convention began bright and early at 9am with a lecture by Sungmin Shin on Computer Notation for Guitarists.

At 11am, Connie Sheu presented a solo concert of music by female composers, followed by ChromaDuo’s presentation of newly commissioned music for two guitars.

The Vendor’s Fair is now open in full force. Check out this incredible world of guitar accessories, sheet music, and guitars on the first and second floors of the Cato Center.

The incomparable Roland Dyens gives a master class.

The lovely Eleftheria Kotzia in concert at 4pm.

The Bandini/Chiacchiaretta Duo amazes audiences with their program of Argentinian tango music.

A triple standing ovation is given for the virtuosic ensemble.

Gaelle Solal, Martha Masters, and Cesare Chiacchiaretta celebrate after the evening concert at the official GFA party space – Boone’s.

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